Coal mine Poltavskiy

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Organization of coal delivery by rail.

As for today the supply of Russian coal to China by rail is the most convenient, widespread and inexpensive way. The best option in the triangle "fast-quality-inexpensive". Let's take a closer look at this transportation option.

Shipment and delivery of coal by our company is carried out from three departure stations Ussuriysk, Galyonki, Grodekovo.

Delivery of coal to China from Grodekovo

Coal mine Poltavkiy has its own railway fork, so coal is loaded into wagons directly from the mining site and sent to the Grodekovo-Suifenhe cross border point. In this direction of the border crossing with China, about 30 thousand tons of coal are sent monthly.

Please contact our specialists for the shipment and delivery of hard coal, as well as the cost of coal, including delivery to Grodekovo station.

Deliveries of themal coal by wagons to Ussuriysk

It is as easy to buy coal in Ussuriys as through other railway departure stations. For the supply of coal to Ussuriysk, containers of the Open Top type are most often used. They make it possible to load the mined coal through the opening roof. This, in turn, solves the problem of transshipment at the border station of Ussuriysk when changing rolling stock for different gauges.

Please ,contact our managers to clarify information on the shipment and delivery of thermal coal, as well as on the final cost of coal, including delivery to the Ussuriysk station.

Shipment of coal Galyonki

Delivery of coal to China from our section is carried out through the Galyonki railway station. The village of Galyonki is located 30 kilometers from Ussuriysk, and 3 kilometers from the village is the station of the same name of the Far Eastern Railway, through which the shipment is carried out.

On the coal mine loading of thermal coal is occurred by a bucket-wheel excavator onto a gondola car, which is sent from its own railway fork to the Galyonki station, and from there to China.

Please contact our managers, for shipment and delivery of thermal coal, as well as for the final cost of coal, including delivery to Galyonki station.