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What equipment is used in coal mining in Primorye?

Coal mining in Primorye is open-pit. For this, our company uses several types of equipment:

  • Overburden and coal mining machines
  • Transport equipment
  • Auxiliary equipment

Today, more than 17 units of equipment are working on coal mining in Primorye. Next, we will talk about them in more detail

Equipment for excavation of rock and coal

For this, various types of excavators are used:

  • Front shovel excavators - designed to remove rock above the level of the platform on which the machine is standing. The bucket digs "away from itself", picking up material like a spoon. The bottom of the bucket opens and so the rock is transferred to a dump or a means of transportation.
  • Backhoe excavators - designed to remove rock below the site where the machine is standing. Such a bucket digs "on itself". The bucket cuts into the ground and rakes it, and turns inward. The bucket overturns after the excavator turns to the place of unloading.
  • When there are not enough excavators, draglines are used. They serve to extract coal from great depths, as well as places where conventional equipment is not able to drive. The dragline mechanism consists of a traction and lifting winch, a bucket and an arrow. A complex system of ropes connects all the elements together.
  • Hydrojet machines are a technique designed to remove a layer of loose rock. Such machines are equipped with large hoses, a powerful jet of water from which washes away the rock and thus opens the coal. Thanks to the use of this technique, the ingress of dust into the air is significantly reduced. However, this method is used only at positive air temperatures.

Transport equipment

Thousands of tons of coal are transported daily in the mine. The mined coal is delivered directly to factories, railway stations, ports and warehouses. Waste pits are filled with empty soil or dumped into dumps.

After coal is mined in Primorye, the following is used for its further transportation:

  • Dump trucks with a large payload are the most common option. Coal or cut rock is loaded directly into the body of a dump truck. Our mine in Primorye uses the latest dump trucks, but this technology also has its own challenges. For the entrance of the car, it is necessary to organize a road with a slope of not more than 6 °. A loaded car will not pass on a steeper slope.
  • Railway transport. Due to the need for a road and the presence of exhaust gases, our section will soon have its own railway fork. The use of wagons for transportation is both more economical and environmentally friendly.

Auxiliary equipment

In addition to direct coal mining in Primorye, other works are also carried out in the section, which also require equipment:

  • Bulldozers carry out additional excavation of rock, level sites and roads.
  • Loaders and tractors move small loads
  • Road sprinklers reduce quarry dust

There is another technique that is used by our company in coal mining in Primorye. Open-pit mine Poltavsky is a company employing professionals who can provide services in the field of sale and extraction of coal in Primorye with delivery. The quality of our work is always at the highest level.