Coal mine Poltavskiy

we supply not just coal, but a high quality product that meets the consumers’ needs

Our advantages

Export orientation

We sell thermal coal to China with a full export clearance service and further support of the deal. The convenient location close to the border with China allows us to deliver coal in the shortest possible time

Thermal coal without overpayments

Save up to 25% by working directly with the manufacturer , not with an intermediary agents

Processing of any orders

We will supply up to 50 000 tons of coal to China in a short time

Guaranteed deliveries

All deals are concluded with mutual discussion of all clauses of the contract by both Parties

The quality of thermal coal

There is no visible rock, metal and foreign objects in all supplied coal products

Our products

Coal grade D (long-flame) is characterized by a high content of volatile substances (39% min.), low sulfur content (up to 0.5%) and ash. The lower calorific value of coal grade D is 4700 - 5400 kcal / kg. Coal grade "D" (long-flame) is the most unpretentious type of coal. It is not afraid of water, it can be stored outdoors all year round. Due to its availability and unpretentiousness, long-flame coal is still used to this day for heating houses, summer cottages, mail cars, as well as for large industries and facilities that do not have access to natural gas. Long-flame coal is suitable for all types of stone ovens and metal and cast iron boilers.

уголь др
Thermal coal "DR"

Moisture limit max 18%
Maximum ash content up max 20%
Volatile matter max 46%
Calorific value from 4500 to 5000 kcal/kg

Calorific value from 3700 to 5000 kcal/kg

уголь дко
Thermal coal "DKO"

Moisture max 16%
Maximum ash max 10%
Volatile matter max 42%
Calorific value from 4500 to 5000 kcal/kg

Calorific value from 3700 to 5000 kcal/kg

уголь домсш
Thermal coal "DOMSSH"

Moisture max 12-18%
Maximum ash max 9-18%
Volatile matter max 41%
Calorific value from 4500 to 5800 kcal/kg