Coal mine Poltavskiy

we supply not just coal, but a high quality product that meets the consumers’ needs

"Coal mine Poltavskiy"

an enterprise for the extraction, enrichment and sale of thermal coal in the Oktyabrsky district of the Primorsky Kray of Russian Federation. The company's activities are focused on both export and domestic market.

Our strategy:

Ensuring sustainable long-term competitiveness of products sold

Сonstant monitoring of our product confirms the low content of sulfur, arsenic and chlorine, the absence of background radiation. The uniqueness of coal allows the use of the company's products in various industries

Implementation of environmental and social policy

The company has developed and is implementing an environmental program, the purpose of which is to minimize the impact of production on the environment. Coal mine « Poltavskiy» conducts regular monitoring of the main indicators of environmental quality. All of them comply with the established standards. In order to improve the environmental situation, modern technologies are used, modern environmental protection systems are put into operation

Continuous improvement of technologies and business processes

company "Razrez Poltavskiy" is implementing a large-scale development program aimed at increasing production volumes and improving efficiency. We invest in the creation of new infrastructure, the acquisition of own equipment. The average production volume is 1.6 million tons per year
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Resident status of the Free Port "Vladivostok"

gives you the opportunity to offer you the most favorable conditions for cooperation

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Manufactured products are manufactured in accordance with GOST

- GOST R 51591-2000 "Brown, black and anthracite coals. General technical requirements"

- GOST 25543-88 "Brown, black and anthracite coals. Classification by genetic and technological parameters"

- GOST 19242-73 "Brown, black and anthracite coals. Classification by the size of the pieces"